Salads are one of the star dishes that cannot be missed in spring and summer, and for their flavor to be unique, you must take into account what type of dressing you are going to put on your salad. Without a doubt, the best dressing is extra virgin olive oil, due to its fruity flavor characteristics.

But of course, there is a lot of diversity of extra virgin olive oil. For this reason, today we explain which oils work best in each type of salad. Of course, your salad will not hurt any type of extra virgin olive oil. Here are our tips for choosing the best extra virgin olive oil for your salad. Maximize the flavor of your salad!

Ingredients and types of salads

To start, you should know the types of salad you can make with different combinations of ingredients:

fresh salads
fruit salads
Macedonian salads
salads with smoked

The best oil for fresh salads

For a fresh salad, accompanied with a variety of vegetables, such as the typical summer salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot and more. We recommend using an extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety or manzanillo olive oil, which has a fresh and herbal flavor that combines perfectly and enhances the flavor of these ingredients.

The best oil for salads with fruit

For salads rich in fruit, such as apples, avocados, raisins, oranges, nuts, or pasta or broccoli and cheese salads, we recommend Hojiblanca oil, known for its characteristics, it has flavors of apple, almond and nuts, and it is not usually as herbaceous and bitter as picual.

The best oil for Macedonian salads

In these salads you can use seasonal fruits to create delicious dishes. Extra virgin olive oil made from the Arbequina variety is ideal.

The Arbequina variety has a sweet taste, that is, without bitterness. Therefore, it is perfect for this salad. It may pinch your throat, but that’s a sign that it’s new oil. Try combining oranges, blueberries, apples, and figs.

The best oil for smoked salads

You can use smoked salmon or cod in this type of salad. So we introduce a delicious and very fresh note for salads. For this type of salad, extra virgin olive oil of the cornicabra variety is ideal.

The cornicabra variety is characterized by a slight itching and an aroma of green fruits. It combines perfectly with the smoked fish in your salad. With this oil you can enhance the flavor of smoked products without masking the flavor of other ingredients.

What are the differences between the Arbequina and Picual varieties?

These are the two that we recommend to give your salads the best possible flavor, but do you know what the difference between the two is?

The Arbequina variety has the following characteristics:

Taste: sweet and fruity
Aroma: apple and banana
Ideal to consume raw, vinaigrettes, in pastry, pastry dough, make mayonnaise or aioli, anchovies in vinegar, marinated salmon, seafood carpaccio, gazpachos, salmorejos and sautéed.
The picual variety has the following characteristics:

Taste: bitter and fruity
Scent: fig
Ideal for salads, cheeses in oil, macerated meat and game, fried foods, French fries, breaded and battered, preserves and slow stews.

When to add oil to a salad?

No matter what salad you are preparing, we advise you to always use the oil at the end of the salad preparation. Adding the oil first will create a layer on top of the ingredients. This prevents other ingredients in your salad from absorbing the oil.

You already have our tips on how to understand which olive oil is best for salads. Again, it’s not about taste. You should know that each oil will bring its own nuance to your salad because each oil is different.


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