You already know that nails are an important part of beauty and personal appearance, so the ideal is that they are well cared for and clean. Many people are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their manicure in order to have a more beautiful and well-groomed nail.

However, the many tasks at work and at home can cause nails to become weak and break easily. This is a common problem due to the use of chemical cleaning products, lack of hygiene and many other factors that you are exposed to that directly affect the health of your nails.

From Oleoturismo Jaén we leave you some tips for an excellent natural nail polish. This incredible treatment uses the benefits of olive oil, so it is not difficult to prepare and is quite inexpensive.

Tips to strengthen your nails

Increase protein intake
Food plays a very important role in the care and health of your nails. The ideal is to increase the consumption of foods rich in protein.
For example, lean meat, chicken, fish, or beans can help strengthen nails. It’s also great that you get extra calcium and vitamins A, B, and C, which are found in fruits and vegetables.

Avoid contact with chemical products
Chemicals like detergents and soaps can weaken nails due to their toxic ingredients. To avoid them, wear gloves every time you clean or touch these products.

Keep your nails short
Long nails look great but they break easily. It’s best if they’re short or not too big so they don’t break when you use your hands to do something.
Also, you should always file your nails straight. It is best to file the nails, not cut them with scissors.

Limit the use of nail polish remover
Nail polish remover contains toxic ingredients that can easily make your nails dry, brittle and crack. It is best to use it only once a week and in small amounts.

Avoid the use of hardeners and artificial nails
Hardeners seem like a good option to strengthen nails, but the truth is that they contain chemicals that can damage them. When it comes to false nails, they scratch the surface and favor the appearance of fungus when removed.

Take care of your manicure once a week
You don’t have to paint your nails to have a nice manicure. Keep your nails healthy by following the manicure cleaning and trimming steps.

Olive oil treatment to strengthen nails naturally

Olive oil is a product with moisturizing and strengthening properties that can help you have stronger nails. The application of this product on the nails nourishes them in depth and gives them life.
• A little olive oil.
• Fresh juice of an orange.
• 1 garlic.
• Crush the garlic and mix it with the orange juice in a bowl.
• Then, in another bowl, put a good amount of olive oil.
How to use
• Soak your nails in the garlic and orange mixture for 10 minutes.
• Next, soak your nails in the olive oil for another 15 minutes.
• Do this process twice a week. The important thing to get good results is that you must be constant.
• If you want even better results, you can soak your nails in olive oil more often.
• Another option is to apply some of the oil to your nails before going to sleep.
Thanks to this nail treatment with olive oil you can take care of your nails in a natural, easy and economical way. Remember that it is very important that you follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.


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