A liter of olive oil weighs about 0.916 kg. We are used to a liter weighing a kilogram, because that is the weight of water. But not all liquids are like that, some liquids are heavier per liter of liquid and others are lighter. This is the case of extra virgin olive oil, which has a density of about 0.91 kg/l.

So, a liter of olive oil weighs 916 grams and 5 liters of olive oil weighs 4.58 kilograms. This is because the density of oil is less than that of water, so oil floats on water.

If you are interested in the world of olive oil, we leave you this interesting article on how to differentiate between virgin and extra virgin olive oil.

Does temperature affect the weight of olive oil?

The weight of a liter of oil varies with temperature, if you weigh 200º of olive oil, a liter weighs 800 grams, and if you weigh a liter of olive oil at 0º, the weight will be 929 grams. It is also believed that higher quality oils are heavier than lower quality ones, but this is a myth and the difference in weight does not tell you which oils are better than others because the oils have the same weight.

What does the density of olive oil depend on?

This may depend on the type of olives used to make the olive oil, as some olive varieties can produce a thicker olive oil than others. Another factor that affects the density of olive oil is the stage of production of the product and the variability of the fruit, which is due to a series of factors that intervene during these processes. Finally, we must comment that the climatic and environmental conditions mentioned above also slightly affect its density.

It is important to know the density of olive oil so that you are not fooled by products that are not 100% olive oil and may contain only partial mixtures with other products. It is usually recommended to buy olive oil in bulk. Since the first purchase of olive oil in the supermarket in small quantities, the agencies themselves have checked whether the product is really what it is said to be. Because if a user finds out that it is not 100% olive oil, the affected reputation applies to both the reputation of the company with the poor quality product and the brand of the defective product.

There are several ways to check this, first you have to know that a liter of olive oil at a temperature between 16 and 17 degrees Celsius should weigh 0.917 kg or 917 grams. But this can vary depending on the type of olive oil or the stage of olive oil production and processing. So another method is also recommended to check if it is olive oil, this method is to pour oil and water into a transparent container. What needs to happen is basically that the olive oil needs to be on top of the water, and if it contains another more concentrated or smaller product, you can see the layers with the naked eye.


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