Did you know that there are numerous differences between all olive oils? This is due to the type of olive we use. Olive oil, or “liquid gold” as we call it here in Andalusia, is something essential for every kitchen, and above all it is an essential part of our renowned Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is a very beneficial product for our health and even for our skin and many more things. Here we leave you a post that may be of your interest, where we detail the uses of olive oil.

Specifically, Arberquina and Picual oil are among the best since their quality is optimal, however, there are some differences that can make you opt for one or the other.

Flavor differences

Arberquina oil has a smoother, fruitier and sweeter flavor, and its flavor reminds us of almonds. Meanwhile, Picual is more intense and bitter and can even have a spicy touch, we could say that it tastes like wood. For this reason, Picual oil is ideal for frying or battering, while Arberquina oil is usually used more for confectionery as a substitute for oil or for making sauces such as mayonnaise.

due to the origin of the olive tree

The olive trees from which Picual oil comes are ideal for those places where the climate varies a lot, they are made up of oleic acid, which is highly recommended for reducing cholesterol.

Once the olive tree has reached maturity, they have a normal height and their olives are dyed black.

As for the arberquino olive trees, they reach a larger size than the Picual and their olives are reddish in color once they reach maturity.

Price differences

Picual olive oil is cheaper than arberquino oil, however, this does not mean

To say that one is better than another, that will depend on you, the flavor you like and what you want to use it for.

Due to the size of the olive

The picual olive is larger in size and oval in shape, while the alberquina olive is smaller and round in shape. We can extract more oil from a picual olive than from an alberquina one because the fat yield of the picual olive is better. It is not recommended to use any of these olives to eat them directly.

Due to its origin

Arberquina oil is originally from Catalonia, specifically from the municipality of Arbeca, in Lleida. Hence its name,

The picual olive comes from Jaén, in Andalusia. The province that produces the most oil on the planet.

In picualia we invite you to try and taste our variety of oil and other products, we have all kinds of oils, including the two we are talking about in this post. If you are a fan of olive oil, you must visit our Aurem restaurant, a new gastronomic space where you will immerse yourself in the knowledge, dissemination and experimentation of the culture of extra virgin olive oil and cuisine with roots at the hands of chef Paco Simon


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